Cars Specification

Alfa Romeo 4C

KShs. 6820000Kshs - 7760000ksh

General Specification
Model: ABA-96018
Dimension: 3990×1870×1185mm
Wheelbase: 2380mm
Tread front/rear: 1640/1605mm
Weight: 1100kg
Body Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Riding Capacity : 2



Engine Model 960A1 Displacement 1742cc
Maximum Power 240ps(177kW)/6000rpm Maximum Torque 35.7kg·m(350N·m)/-rpm
Fuel Type - Fuel Tank Equipment 40L
Compression Ratio 9.2  


Steering System - Minimum Turning Radius 5.5m
Suspension System (front) - Suspension System (rear) -
Breaking System (front) - Breaking System (rear) -
Tires Size (front) 205/45R17 Tires Size (rear) 235/40R18


Driving Wheel - Fuel system
Valve train 3.900 Position of Cylinders 1.435
No. of Cylinders 0.978 Gears
Fuel Consumption - Urban 0.754 Fuel Consumption - Extra Urban 0.622
Combined Fuel Consumption 4.118 Acceleration 0km/hr - 100km/hr 2.269
Position of Engine Max Speed