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Safely Sell Your car Online


Selling your car online can be a quick and convenient way to make top shilling on your used vehicle but it can also attract scammers. Motorshop.co.ke has provided tips on how to stay safe while selling a car online. •

10 Things That Affect a Car’s Resale Value


 The Used car market is a fussy thing. 

although a group of used cars may seem practically identical, their prices might vary dramatically. That’s because no two cars on the

10 Easy Steps to Find the Best Used Car Deal


The used car market in Kenya has been experiencing rapid growth. As more models enter the Kenyan market, the old ones get older. Buying a new car,  using it for a while and then going in for a newer model seems to be latest trend in the country. This has not only boosted new ca

Tips to Keep Your Car Running Like it's brand New


A car can be compared to a pal. If well taken care of, it can last a lifetime. In addition, improvements in technology have allowed the making of cars  with quality metallurgy. This has in part contributed to the high levels of efficiency

Tips To Increase Engine Life


It is an exciting time for enthusiasts of cars in Kenya. Every manufacturer worth their production chops is out there, with exciting launches lined up over the year. But each new car today comes packed with an increasing amount of technology. Repairs have become complicated, not to mention expensive