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Volkswagen Ameo vs. Amarok

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Volkswagen, the German Automobile giants, is known for the amazing cars they design and the technology which runs those cars. Known for breaking the selling records every time, 2016 was not very different.
Volkswagen has made their mark on the market and became the world’s largest automaker in the year 2016, the Forbes report. If you are planning to buy their latest cars and confused between Ameo and Amarok, then here’s a perfect insider. Read through and decide yourself.

Volkswagen Ameo
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The latest released car from the German giants has made quite an impact on the market. The Ameo is a compact sedan based on their already successful Polo and Vento. This budget friendly luxurious car has not failed to impress the buyers and the critics. 

The car packs a 1.2 liter 3 cylinder MPI engine delivering 75 PS power at 5400rpm. The car’s interiors have a good feeling with cushioned and comfortable seats, an LCD touch screen console and rear AC vents. It has 330 liters of boot space and claims to deliver a staggering mileage of 17.83 kmpl. 
It is a bit of a letdown when it comes to legroom and drive feels. Ameo provides powerful initial thrust but fails to impress as the speed notches up. Overall it’s a good car based on the low price tag. The car was manufactured to compete with the other popular cars in the segment and is quite likely to live up to the expectations.

Volkswagen Amarok
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The release was anticipated for a long long time and the Amarok has made an impressive entry into the 4X4 market. The car offers high degree off-road comfort and is hugely spacious. The Amarok offers ideal off-road driving pleasure. Under the hood, the Amarok packs a staggering 2.0liter BiTDI engine offering 132 kW power. The engine provides an impressive response at low revs and powerful performances at high revs. 

The 8-speed automatic gearbox enhances shifting comfort as well as the interior looks. The car is packed with features and is technologically very advanced providing utmost driving comfort to every individual. The Amarok has a number of safety and driver assistance systems that can make you aware of any possible danger in no time and guide you to a safer journey each time. The visually impressive Amarok features Bi-Xenon headlamps that widen the visual range. The car is likely to soar higher in the selling charts with time and have quite a strong impact on the market.
The rough patch associated with the German giants Volkswagen in the past years is likely to have brushed off. Toyota failed to defend their title of selling highest numbers of car, and the latest report suggests that the title is handed over to their primary competitors - Volkswagen. 
Despite the emission scandals associated with the company, the customers did not seem to have lost their trust on the manufacturers. Volkswagen has reclaimed their crown from the Japanese competitor Toyota after they sat on the top of the selling charts for 4 years in a row. The recent sales report suggested Volkswagen sold over 10.3 million cars worldwide and has promised to soar higher in the next five years.
The coming years seem to be in the favor of the company and they are not likely to give up their title of highest number of cars sold. The crown was in the house after a dry run of four years but the future years are more likely to be their control. Volkswagen has been associated with emission scandals but their latest releases in the global market have not failed to impress their customers by any means. The German manufacturer owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Seat, Skoda. And Lamborghini and the growth rate is supposed to go up by at least of 4.1% in the coming years.
Over the years the company has named its marquee products on an assortment of climate patterns, small mammals, and insects. They have Toyota as their primary competition in the automobile market. They have lost and won various title competing with the same and the brawl is likely to continue in future as well. Ford motors, General motors, and Daimler AG are among the other who are likely to give the German Based automobile manufacturers a tough competition in future.
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