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Tips To Increase Engine Life

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It is an exciting time for enthusiasts of cars in Kenya. Every manufacturer worth their production chops is out there, with exciting launches lined up over the year. But each new car today comes packed with an increasing amount of technology. Repairs have become complicated, not to mention expensive too.

Even the engines today are very advanced. Complex systems such as advanced stage turbochargers, common-rail injection systems, engine management systems – have all made it important to handle them carefully. This is why, the tips below to increase car engine’s life should prove to be useful:

The golden rule of engine maintenance is to get it serviced on time. Cars in Kenya tend to operate in a very tough environment. There’s dust and heat everywhere; congestion rules on the streets & the car engines end up functioning under high loads at most times. Timely services help go a long way in ensuring that engine health remains under control.

The right grade of engine-oil can play a huge role in how the engine performs over a lifetime. Most owners tend to go without bothering about the oil which is used to service the engine, not realizing that a single cycle of the wrong oil can shorten engine life by over a few thousand kilometers.

 A clean set of filters is one of the best tips to increase car engine’s life. The oil filter, fuel filter & the air filter, must be inspected regularly. Timely replacement costs only a few coins, but clogged filters can extract a heavy price through increased wear & tear of the engine, and poor fuel economy.

Proper idling procedures continue to be one of the most overlooked tips to increase the engine life of a car. Both, warming up and warming down procedures must be adhered to, as listed in the owner’s manual. The general thumb-rule being, avoiding running the engine at high rpms in the first few & the last few kilometres of a trip.

Lastly, remember, that   a single trip is better than multiple short trips. Most cars in Kenya have owners who fail to realize that the latter prevents the engine from achieving optimum operating temperatures, thereby increasing the load as well as risking higher wear-and-tear.

An up-to-date owner who is well-versed with the basics of engine operation is the best ally a vehicle can get.


  1. Mahesh Kakade