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Buy From Our Auction System;


Buy From Our Auction System;

Motorshop East Africa in Partnership with Sakura Trading LLC can now offer you auction bidding services.
You can select your bid from over 150,000 units per week.
Auction units are really clean, since they have not been exposed to sunshine and rain in the yards.
Our skilled staff can physically check the unit for you before bidding
You can select the unit of your choice according to your specifications
Our procurement systems help us keep our inventories full of the vehicles you want, 
  and the prices you need. An extensive selection of high quality pre-owned vehicles, 
In both RHD and LHD, allow you to select the vehicle(s) you want, and negotiate the best prices possible.
Before Auction we will always give our estimated sale's price (range) of the unit, the customer can then decide his maximum best bid price for the unit. 
After purchase, we will take the unit for inspection and ready it for shipment and book the vessel as per the consignee details indicated to us by the customer.
Once the unit is shipped, we will send all the original documents to the address provided by the customer.
In the case where a customer does not have clearing arrangements at Mombasa port/Dar es Salaam port, we will advise/provide reliable and trustworthy clearing agents to ensure    a smooth process.

   Payment Terms and Conditions;
DepositBid Limit (cost of car)
   JPY 100,000  (~1000USD)up to JPY 500,000
   JPY 200,000  (~2000USD)up to JPY 1,500,000
   50% of Cost Over JPY 2,500,000 (25000USD).
Fee is payable to Motorshop East Africa Ltd, Kenyan Account, and this amount is     refundable in the event that we do not succeed to buy your preferred unit from the     auction according to your bid amount. The account shall be provided in our invoice sent to you.
As soon as the unit is bought from the auction, customer should organize to transfer the balance amount within 5 working days from date of purchase by TT process to Sakura Trading LLC Japan. Failure to which may make customer forfeit the entry fee earlier paid.
- Customer can also decide to make payments for the purchased unit to Motorshop East Africa Ltd. We will provide both payment options for customer’s convenience.
Any cancellations after purchase, will lead to forfeiting of entry fee for the auction     process.

Buying Process;

* Sign up/register at
* Click on the "Sakura Trading LLC" Banner on the left side of the home page.
* Fill the order form provided./ Simply send us an email via [email protected]
* We will send an email to you with the list of auction units that meets your inquiry/order.
* We will proceed to bid for the unit you have selected after you have met our buying terms and conditions stated above.


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