A comprehensive guide on car Importation

While there are through passes used to get cars of choice imported, it is essential to understand the entire process of car importation. Exploring all the loopholes of illegal car importation can be quite risky and, at times, can bring unexpected massive costs. Once the need for importing a car dawns on you, you will understand the need for exploring guidelines on how the entire process is done. MotorShop is the best place where you will get all your questions about car importation answered. Well, car importation is done for several reasons depending on the importer or the owner. Some import cars to conduct huge car businesses while some import them for personal use.

There are many car manufacturer states you can always prefer to import cars of your choice. The most renowned car manufacturers are in Japan. The choice of the country you need to import a vehicle from basically relies on the kind and quality of the car you need. However, Japan is a haven for different design cars and a perfect option when you need a powerful vehicle. Well, that’s not the central idea here. 

If you need to get a car or a range of vehicles, importation can be a better option. You need to conduct the importation of the car or cars with a solid background on what guidelines are followed to get your car imported. Check out MotorShopfor all your questions. Meanwhile, let us dive right into a comprehensive approach for importing cars.

How the car marketing industry works

The marketing of cars always works similarly with a few notable differences. Mostly, people engage in buying and selling used cars, and some focus on purchasing new ones. If you have to import a used car, you have to be careful because the entire market is unregulated. However, organizations set up to control and prevent the illegal business of exporting and importing stolen cars. Therefore, you should be aware of the dealers you will be working within the entire car importation period. It would help if you were sure to trust those dealers linked up with some of the regulatory organizations.    

The necessary process of importing a car or cars from a car exporter state

There are several ways you can always use to import a car of your choice. Some methods are cheaper, while others are quite expensive. Let’s explore some of the options you can go for when it comes to car importation.

      i.         Doing it yourself

All these are done by searching the car online, finding a reliable exporter, then prepare for shipping and registration of the address location you need the car collected. In this process, you will need to examine your exporter's history in the business carefully. You need to identify the vehicles such exporters deal with, their business's success, and whether many organizations trust them. Otherwise, the do-it-yourself option is cheaper. Some of the downfalls involved entail time wastage, higher risk potential and most importantly if you were looking for a specific car with specific details, you wont always find it in exporter’s stock-list. Not to forget to mention, hundred's of Kenyans have lost alot  of money to non-existent exporters in Foreign countries.

    ii.         Import the car using a licensed dealer

The car market is flooded with lots of dealers. Some are licensed, and others are not approved. It is advisable to go for the licensed ones even though their services might be expensive. Good car dealers will always ensure that you get a legal car that is ready for use.  With a legal dealer, you are always assured that all due processes are followed form the time of importation, port clearance to delivery to the customer. That is why you will never be disappointed with MotorShopservices.

Shipping the imported car

Shipping is part of the entire process of importing any vehicle. You will need to get your car to the designated address location. There are various means you can go about all these.  

      i.         Shipment through containers

Containers are the most common modes of shipping goods. You can get your container shipped along with other goods at affordable rates. Even though there can be loading and offloading of goods in the shipment course, you can always be sure that your car will reach its designated address location.

    ii.         Thrifty means of shipment (RORO)

The shipment mode is done in a unique way that entails driving the car into the boat then into the train carrier for shipment. The con with this means of shipping your car is the exposure to many elements that could not be good enough for cars with lowered suspension. All the same, this is the most common and affordable means of shipment for cars destined to Kenya. You can check more info on RORO shipment at MotorShop.

Finding best car deals for importation

When buyers need a car, they look at several aspects. Some look at costs, value, quality, model, among more. If you consider value when importing a car, then recently manufactured Japanese cars can always be a perfect option. Always choose those fat Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, Mazdas, and any other car you will love. It is important to note that quality cars require reasonable costs and, therefore, need to arm yourself with enough money. However, at MotorShop, we offer financial advice and we offer the best services according to your needs. 

There is an excellent supply of cool cars you need not miss

Japan, among other car manufacturers, have expanded their culture of producing the latest cars. Using a licensed dealer, you can always get yourself the best car with good mileage. You can be sure of identifying a car that can serve you for several years with minimal maintenance costs.  

The influx of low-mileage cars

Usually, Japan imposes taxation of these vehicles basing on their mileage. Therefore, older cars call for slightly higher tax than the less old ones. Even though there is an up-rise in the number of low-mileage cars, there are also many high mileage cars. The possible reason why a good number of vehicles in countries like Japan have fewer mileage vehicles is the relativity of being a small country. Furthermore, most people there prefer public means of transport.




Importing cars into your country is an extensive process that will always demand you to consider several factors. First, you have to understand the kind of car you need correctly, the number of cars you need to import, and many other factors. You have to establish a suitable mode of importing, including doing it yourself, using a legal car dealer, or any other substantial means. Furthermore, you should also select a preferable shipment method that will always consider cutting down on costs. Above all, establish a budget for the whole process of importation to cater for any throwbacks in the entire car importation process. In any case, reach out to MotorShop and your car importation experience will never be the same again. 

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