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WheneverBF Goodrich is mentioned either by any one that has interacted with any tyre orin the tyre world, it leaves you with the image of a legend on your mind. That is what BF Goodrich has been able to do for over 100 years since 1870 when Dr. Benjamin FranklinGoodrich founded the first tyre factory in North America, in Akron, Ohio. It was later acquired in 1990 by the French tire maker Michelin. Having made its name in the tire world, you would expect that BF Goodrich would have a wide range of tires for today’s car market. BF Goodrich (now part of the Michelin tyre empire) is regarded as among the very best names in a couple of big sectors, especially in SUV and 4*4 world. BF Goodrich Tires have been put toughest in some of the most demanding environments and involved in almost every type of race, including sports car, drag, desert, dirt and rally. This has in turn helped them to be able to produce better tires while combining that with the technological expertise, they have offered high performance tyres to help you enjoy the ride, from the very dusty terrains to the smooth roads on a very easy Sunday morning. Its products in both markets have won numerous industry awards. The company does specialise in SUV, van and more extreme weather tyres, but its products are developed and sized for family cars as well and driver safe getting the benefit of more than a century of experience – even if some it is out of this world!



Popular BF Goodrich Tyres

 BF Goodrichg-Grip



This award-winning tyre fits medium sized cars and is an all-season unit which performs well against rival brands. On straights and in corners, large shoulder tread blocks and a continuous central rib give a rapid steering response and superb control. A unique, directional tread pattern delivers optimum water dispersal in a straight line. Its "chamfered edge" sipes improve the stability of each tread block for better braking on dry roads. A unique, directional tread pattern delivers optimum water dispersal in a straight line. A "Vortex" tread pattern disperses water more quickly for optimum braking and good road holding on corners.





The new BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tyre offers exceptional robustness, combined with flexibility, durability, rigidity during braking and good road grip. It is also an On-/Off-Road all-terrain tyre that delivers exceptional toughness and traction for traversing harsh conditions and gives you the confidence to take on the toughest challenges for work or play. It has more robust sidewalls which increases the resistance of the sidewall rubber to perforations and impacts.  It also has a longer lasting tread: that comes with a new tread design and a rubber compound espe­cially formulated to ensure that this tyre will last twice as long on gravel and 15%longer on asphalt when compared with the previous model. The tread rubber has been mixed in an optical manner to reduce chipping and cuts on the gravel. Anew ground footprint and a self-locking tread design ensure more regular wear with long-distance use. Special stone ejectors remove objects from the tread to reduce incrustation in the tyre. It also promotes improved traction in mud and snow. Sharper bars on the sidewall improve grip in mud, snow and pebbles. Raised tread on the shoulder helps to remove mud accumulating in the grooves, optimising grip on soft ground. 3D strips create sharp edges, improving traction in snow.






Extreme toughness and traction. Proven reliability. The all-new Goodrich KM3 tire delivers off-road performance unlike any mud-terrain tire before it. Featuring enhanced Core Gard Max technology for tougher sidewalls and Krawl - TEK tread compound for better grip and traction, the KM3 is built from the ground-up to conquer any terrain.

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