TOYOTA ALLION VS TOYOTA PREMIO.

                                                 TOYOTA ALLION.

PROS: Design is very trendy, affordable price, very good quality, Comfortable interior-lean, fuel efficient.

CONS: The engine sounds a bit weird, some models have low engine power.

                                                          TOYOTA PREMIO.

PROS: Fuel efficient, comfortable interior, classy look.

CONS:Higher maintenance costs, plain design, more costly (comparison).


Both the Toyota Allion and its twin the Toyota Premio are Japanese origin automobiles produced by the Japanese company Toyota. These automobiles have a sedan car body style. A sedan is a passenger car in a three-box configuration with separate with separate compartments for engine, passenger and cargo. The sedans are designed as a compact car. A compact car is a vehicle size class that sits between subcompact cars and middle-size cars predominantly known as a ‘small family car’. The Allion is the successor of the Carina whereas the Premio is the successor of the Corona. Both cars are of quality and are reliable. They got a lot to offer in all automobile dimensions.

                                                                      EXTERIOR VIEW.

Both cars have a Chic outlook therefore worth head turners. Toyota Allion gives an more sumptuous and fancy look due to the instilled L.E.D lights. This gives a sporty look and a lot of elegance therefor e very popular among young car lovers. On the other side the Premio has a classy design and therefore making it more suitable as a family car, most experienced drivers love the car.  From the side Allion evokes a sense of energy by featuring a body narrowing down at the rear combination of overhanging rear fenders and rear wheel which extend into the lower portion of the rear doors. For the Premio the side view is refined with horizontally extended character lines and a side protection moulding. For those who desire automobiles with a fancier look the Toyota Allion is the recommended choice otherwise go for the Premio.

                                                                   ENGINE PERFORMANCE.

There’s very little in terms of engine performance difference for these two automobiles. Both have 1500 cc engines with serial 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve. They both generate the same horsepower of about 109. They also share the exact same 1NZ-FE engine, all the two sedans come with front-engine, front-wheel-drive with 5 speed manual transmission as standard.  For Premio it can thrill up to 185km/hr. as its top speed whereas the Allion’s top speed can go up to 180km/hr. thus slightly higher than its twin. Speed enthusiasts would prefer Premio to Allion despite the minor difference in their top speeds.





                                                                  INTERIOR VIEW.

Same as the Engine specs the Premio and the Allion share the same internal dimensions as they are compact cars. They both offer luxury at its highest notch with comfortable interiors having almost the same features and amenities. They have enough leg room space allowing 5 adults to seat comfortably in the rear sit. Their leather seats are quite comfortable and heated massaging like.

                                            PRICING AND FUEL CONSUMPTION (ECONOMY).  

The price of a used Toyota Allion can go up to 1.5 million ksh and may start from 0.5 million ksh depending on the year of production and the selected trusted dealer. A Premio is bit more expensive than the Allion as the price starts from 1.2 million ksh to 1.8 million ksh. The fuel consumption is somehow same due to the similarity of the engines i.e.  10.2 Km/litre which is extremely lower compared to other automobiles. Thereby the choice depends on your budget.


It’s not a secret that the two automobiles caters for different type of audiences and from the specifications above its now crystal clear to you which car suites your likes.







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