AUDI Q7

PROS: Comfortable interior-lean and spacious, great engine performance, fabulous athletic handling, comfortable and quiet ride, cosy and elegant interior, outstanding towing capacity.

CONS: It gets pricey with the best options in the market, its third row can be a bit cramped-only suitable for petite adults or children, the exterior design is somehow plain.


                                                        BMW X5.

PROS:A chic exterior design, spunky acceleration, remains stable at high speed, quicker breaking system-wire system, well designed and spacious cargo space, abundant safety features. 

CONS:  oversensitive gesture based controls, its third row can be a bit cramped-only suitable for petite adults or children, steering assist can be rough.


                                                    PORSCHE CAYENNE.  

PROSExcellent and easy handling, multiple powerful engine options, plenty of cabin space, swift acceleration, availability of E-Hybrid model, numerous safety features, well designed interior.

CONS: Its optional features are expensive, lack of a spacious cargo space, stiff steering, exterior design is plain. 


                                                VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG.

PROS: Easier to drive, steering is precise and quick, fully loaded standard features, serious off-road abilities, improved navigation system, 8 speed automatic transmission, excellent brakes, stylish exterior.

CONS: Fuel guzzler, only one available engine, not superquick.


                                         VEHICLES ANALYSIS AND OVERVIEW

BMW X5, AUDI Q7, Porsche cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg all are mid-size luxury SUV’s produced by the German automakers BMW,AUDI AG, Porsche AG and Volkswagen AG respectively. All these automobiles but the AUDI Q7 have a 5 door SUV body style which has a 4 door SUV. They roughly have the same size. All are quality automobiles with a lot to offer with different ranges in terms of reliability, safety, power, speed, luxury, comfort and exterior attraction.




                                                        EXTERIOR DESIGN.

The exterior design of BMW X5 is attractive compared to the porches’ and AudiQ7 which got plain body designs. On the other hand the Volkswagen Touareg design is also a head turner. BMW X5 is an elegant feature by itself. Its body has a number of redesigned elements that make it look more athletic and contemporary this includes a reshaped front and rear fascia with sleek adoptive headlights and curvier wheel arches. In terms of pomp and exterior stylish design the V.W Touareg offers a great competition to BMW X5 with its great and elegant outfit; has a striking line with skilfully positioned chrome elements. The R-line exterior package gives the Touareg a sporty look which is worth a head turn. With no unique and improved external styling the Porsche Cayenne and the Audi Q7 give a plain outlook with no much fuss, just simple- a great deal for simple individuals who isn’t much into fancy automobiles.

                                                     ENGINE PERFORMANCE AND DRIVING.

BMW X5 comes equipped with a turbocharged, in-line 6 engine .It cranks out a 335 horsepower. That is just a tad more than the top engine for Audi Q7 which makes around 329 horsepower. For both vehicles the acceleration is about the same, it may be just faster in the BMW X5. The Cayenne’s performance comes in 3 choices. Comes equipped with a turbo-charged V6 engine which cranks out the same horsepower as a BMW of 335, the other is a twin-turbo emanating 434 horsepower whereas the other choice is a V8 turbo-charge with a whopping 541 horsepower. For sure with the Cayenne Engine you can’t go wrong. The V8 delivers zero-to-60mph times that some sport cars would envy. What is unique about the Volkswagen Touareg compared to the other automobiles is that it comes with a sophisticated 4 motion permanent all-wheel drive system that splits torque evenly between the front and rear axles. It can shift up to 100% of the power of the axle depending on road conditions. It includes low-range gearing for serious off road. It’s also the first SUV to offer two engines with more than eight cylinders. The Touareg’s eight speed automatic transmission enables you to take full advantage of its 280 horsepower engine. The gear box shifts very quickly therefore you’ll never experience a delay in performance. All have excellent handling even though Audi still offers the better overall performance in terms of steering and handling.

                                                                         INTERIOR SIZE.

The BMW X5 and the AudiQ7 both have a cramped Third row. The third row seems a bit extraneous since it leaves very little space. This takes away the passenger’s comfort. This is not the case for the Porsche Cayenne and the Volkswagen machines. The Porsche Cayenne has a well-designed interior with plenty of cabin space, even the rear seat can comfortably fit most adults. The Volkswagen Touareg is also well designed as the Porsche Cayenne with more than adequate space for 5 passengers with plenty of leg room for both front and rear setters giving no form of discomfort plus the driver’s seat provides adjustments to accommodate any body size. The lack of a larger cargo space for the Porsche gives the Volkswagen an upper hand in terms of interior size distribution and balancing therefore makes It a worthy family car and laxative in nature.


Even though all these automobiles are luxury crossover SUV’s of roughly the same size when it comes to the market economy they have different price tags. A used Audi Q7 has a price tag of about 5.5 M KSH, on the other hand a BMW  X5 ranges its value from 4-8 M KSH, a Porsche cayenne 3-5 M KSH and a Volkswagen touareg 2-4.5 M KSH. Being luxury vehicles they have higher reliability rate therefore worth the cash even though the prices vary with different trusted dealers. On fuel economy the Volkswagen the highest fuel guzzler, so don’t expect it to sip fuel like a compact car. The other three burn fuel with nearly the same rate, lower than the Volkswagen touareg. The Volkswagen is certainly efficient for highway cruising.

 All these SUV’s have great driving dynamics, strong engine performance, good safety ratings and fairly spacious interiors. The choice depends on you.





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