Audi A3
German car manufacturers like Audi have a big fan background in Kenya. When price became the factor that stopped the young and old generation in Kenya from buying premium cars. Understanding the financial requirements of Kenya, Audi realized that their high end models won’t work out.Hence, they decided to come up with their Compact models. They targeted the middle class families and surprisingly, they succeeded with their marketing strategy. In the last five years Audi has doubled their sales in Kenya. 
 Audi A3 was introduced into this category, targeting the common man in Kenya. This sedan is 2014's world car award holder. In the case of cost and standards Audi A3 has paved a new path in the small luxury segment of Kenya. Audi A3 has created a new price range among the cars available in Kenya. With the help of the A3, Audi is all set to challenge Mercedes Benz in Kenyan roads. 
Danni Garand is the hands behind the Audi A3's exterior designing. The look that fills confidence into our mind;that’s how he describes the Audi A3. We can’t blame him too. The car is a hundred percentage confidence builder. The classic grill and the dominating led powered headlamps of the Audi A3 makes it stand out from other cars available on road. The character line which extends up to the tail lamp from the head lamp increases the vehicle's beauty on both sides. Audi themselves expresses this line as the tornado line. The spoiler, close to the back trunk less increases the sportiness of this car. The designer led tail lamps makes the car sexier from the rear end. 
Coming to the interior,the driver cabin is simple and humble yet maintains the standard. The seating is really comfortable. The driver seat can be adjusted according to the driver’s requirement. The multimedia interface above the dashboard also maintains the simplicity inside the vehicle. Even the cooling and heating feature is arranged perfectly for easy control over them. Enough space is provided for cup holders, wallet holders and mobile cabins. The front and back cabins are also pretty spacious. The space available on the backside will attract most of the people. But people with above average height will get the feeling of low headspace.The reason behind this is the car design. Audi has nothing to do with this issue. 
The luggage space of the Audi A3 is of 425 liters. It can be increased up to 880 liters by bending forward the back seats. Audi has succeeded in making both boot sides in square shape which makes loading and off-loading luggages super easy. 
If you are a person who loves power, the petrol engine of Audi A3 is the best option. However, mileage and gas prices are a concern for you can go with the diesel variant too. The 1968 cc diesel engine with the help of turbochargers can produce 143 horsepower at 3500-4000 rpm. The petrol variant has a 1798 cc engine. This four cylinder engine can produce 180 horsepower with 5100-6200 rpm. The dual clutch transmission in the A3 performs well. It can produce good acceleration in heavy traffic without any issues. In highways, the transmission feels smooth as silk. In the A3's sports variant you will get the manual transmission option too. Even though you can control the gear shift, you don’t have any control over this vehicle’s clutch in the sports variant. 
Excellent, that’s what we have to say about the Audi A3's performance. The breaking system id sharp. The vehicle has really good road grip. The vehicle can attain 100 mph in just 8.6 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 224 mph. The steering feels a bit stiff while taking curves at high speeds. This causes to diminish the real feel of the road. The gas tank of Audi A3 is 50 liters. The vehicle offers 15-25 km per liter on various driving conditions. 
The multimedia interface which turns on with the vehicle is its main specialty. The interface is equipped with voice control and media navigation. The touch screen interface will be of better use for the driver. The multimedia interface is powered by NVD's Trega 2 processor. It is also capable of receiving regular updates. 
High quality heat ventilation and air conditioning are used in the vehicle. The instrument cluster also looks elegant due to its simplicity. It includes four analog gauges. RPM, Speedometer, fuel rate and engine temperature are displayed. A digital speedometer and a trip computer finishes off the instrument cluster in style. The Audi A3 also comes with a sunroof which increases the luxury benefit of the car. The 16 inch silver metallic alloy wheels are another. Great feature of the vehicle. 
The Audi A3 is equipped with a great design and a powerful engine. It is most suitable for daily usage. The vehicle also maintains high quality in looks and driving experience. The Audi A3 is the best in its price range. The Audi A3 will never fail to satisfy you. It can deliver class, luxury and performance at the same time. If you are planning to buy a car in Kenya or to import a car into Kenya, then the Audi A3 is your best option. Let your vehicle raise your confidence.

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