BMW X3 2017
The all new BMW X3 2017, now this car is an all-rounder. In fact, you can think of it as a multitool in the car world because it is economical, desirable, it's fun to drive and it can also go off-road. The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by German automaker BMW since back in 2003. It's based on the BMW 3rd series platform and now in its second generation BMW marks this crossover as a sports activity vehicle. The exterior of the X3 comes with the sportiness as standards. Thanks to the wide bumper with powerful air inlets in the front, the front becomes a commanding presence. Coming to the side it has the mystical BMW X3 look. A character like extending to the rear emphasis the head of a wedge shape which adds a further aerodynamics. The interior of the X3 combines a high-quality atmosphere with genius functionality. Exciting lies by the instrument panel and the inside of the doors. Together with the vertical curve and the center council, they emphasize the modern look while retaining BMW's typical drive orientation. The 2017 X3 comes with a keyless entry. So all you have to do is to put the keys in your pocket or purse, then simply put your hands behind the handles to unlock and touch on the arrow symbol to lock. 
 Image result for bmw x3 2017The interior comes in sand beige color with premium leather. To turn on the vehicle, simply put your leg on the brake and press down the ignition button. Under the hood the 2017 BMW X3 features a 2 liter twin powered turbo engine that pushes out 245 horsepower along with 350 pound foot of torque. It’s an eight speed automatic transmission, engine with sport and manual shift modes. The X3 can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds approximately. And it can reach a top speed of 143 miles per hour. This is all possible because of the x drive, all-wheel drive system. The X3 also maintains a good fuel economy too. To further enhance gas mileage the BMW X3 is equipped with auto start and off feature. What this cool function does that is that it automatically shutdowns the engine at red lights or when stuck in traffic, and as soon as the driver let's goes of the brake pedal the engine will automatically restart. And of course this feature can be turned on or off at any time. 

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Up front there is the automatic wind sensing wind shield wipers. Moving down, we have the most ironically noticeable BMW double kidney grills surrounded by the sporty and dynamic bumper kit. To help with visibility there is the halogen high and low beam headlights along with the attractive LED fog lights at the bottom. Lastly the front bumper is equipped with park assistance which notifies the driver whenever the vehicle is close to hitting any objects. The BMW X3 gets a body colored rear view mirror with integrated turn signal light, auto dimming function, power folding control and heating control to defog the mirror. The X3 comes with and 18 inch alloy wheels. All four wheels are equipped with a Tire pressure monitoring system which notifies the driver in case of Tire deflation.
The back side gets a rear spoiler with integrated brake lights in the center, rear windshield wiper. The rear of the X3 is also equipped with a reverse camera which automatically turns on when the gear is shifted to reverse. Parking assistance is also put into the rear bumper. The eye catching tail lamp which includes the brake light, the turn signal light and hazard light add more colors to the beautiful rear of the X3.
Image result for bmw x3 2017The BMW X3 has a very spacious trunk. There is also more storage available in the under boot feature. The new X3 comes with a panorama roof along with 2 roof rails for you to carry extra luggage on top. The driver seat is equipped with electronic height adjustments. The X3 has very nice comfortable seats. The rear seats are very spacious and also provides lots of leg space, head space and shoulder space. There are two additional air vents in the back too for air conditioning. Two cup holder compartments are provided in between the rear seats, which is foldable in case you don't need it.
Back to the driver seat we have a 3 spoke multifunctional steering wheel. It is equipped with cruise control, BMW badge in the middle with the horn, voice command option, call buttons, and volume control of the audio system. The steering wheel placement can also be adjusted for your driving comfort. In the middle we have the beautiful audio system and navigation display, which are crystal clear. The rear view mirror will automatically tilt down when you put the vehicle into reverse, giving you more advantage while moving backwards. The gear knob looks really attractive and very comfortable to hold.
Image result for bmw x3 2017 The new 2 liter engine of the X3 does a pretty good job. The 8 speed automatic gear box increases the driving pleasure and you will never get bored driving this car. The car handles both soft and rough roads very nicely. No Engine or road noise is heard inside the vehicle.  The vehicle does not vibrate or lose control even at high speeds. The car does not have any issues going off-road. It can handle potholes and bumps without any issues. Moreover the X3 is a complete package with all new modern facilities. The 2017 BMW X3 is surely one of the best SUV’s available in the market. The X3 is equipped with airbags and other modern safety features. If you are looking to buy a car in Kenya the all new BMW X3 2017 is the best option since it provides class, luxury, adventure and comfort for the price you pay. The car is one of the most resale valued vehicles in Kenya and hence selling your used BMW X3 would be a piece of cake deal.

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