About MotorShop.co.ke.

Motorshop.co.ke is an online car portal based in Kenya.

It is one of Kenya's leading Automarket place providing buyers and sellers a structured platform for transacting in new and used vehicles.

what makes motorshop.co.ke unique is the fact that customers get a chance to choose the unit they would want to buy basing on Make, model,body type, price, age and the features the particular unit has. Additionally, we also provide information related to the automobile industry and the latest automotive news. These helps our customers make informed choices before making any purchases.

We seek to reduce the time wasted by our customers through showroom to showroom visits. A customer gets to choose a perfect unit while seated in his/her office or work place from several options listed on Motorshop.co.ke. He/she can then visit the particular showroom for the actual purchase of the unit.

Motorshop.co.ke also provides both dealers and final customers an option to import cars, spare parts from Japan, by listing Import cars on its import section. We also provide our customers with the opportunity of modifying/customizing import cars in Japan before they are shipped to Kenya as per customer's request.

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We also provide consultation services to our clients on all aspects associated with cars.

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